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Katie Adrians reviewed Touchstone Karate Academy
via Facebook

This is an amazing program with incredible instructors that truly care. My 11 year old son’s confidence is soaring and it is so great to see the pride he has in himself through each step of his journey to become a Blackbelt.

Dan Pierstorff reviewed Touchstone Karate Academy
via Facebook

My son joined Touchstone Martial Arts in December of 2016 at the age of 6. Thanks to the dedicated and passionate staff at the school, my son has exceeded all my expectations. He became more focused, learned how to be a leader, gained public speaking skills, and is more confident in himself along with his abilities. Ms. Koster, along with the other instructors, are irreplaceable in my book. I really look forward to watching him develop under the guidance and instruction of this amazing staff. I will definitely be recommending this school to others. I may even consider joining myself one day.... Thank you all for what you do and keep up the great work!

Megan Brauer reviewed Touchstone Karate Academy
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We love Karate America in Oregon, everything about it is amazing!!! Sarah Burkel and her team do an outstanding job keeping the kids focused, fit and learning every day! The after school program is amazing, from taking karate classes to having quiet homework time to free play... the program is top-notch. The discipline my kids have learned while in the program comes home each day and they have grown so much because of this program! Thank you Sarah and team! You rock!

Karate America Sun Prairie is now Touchstone Martial arts, but still the same great program!

Matt McCormick reviewed Touchstone Karate Academy
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Great school and great instructors...I have lots of good memories there:)

Melissa Beck Smith reviewed Touchstone Karate Academy
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Mr. Koster and his Karate America studio have earned an outstanding review. I recently resumed MMA and Jujitsu at a club near my new home in another state. I was able to fall right into my classes and perform well thanks to Mr. Koster's excellent teaching. I received a lot of praise for my technically sound strikes and kicks; I was able to immediately understand and execute the instruction of my new teachers. I owe this - and my discipline to always work hard on the mat - to Mr. Koster.

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The Secret Senses To Better Behavior

We’ve all heard of the main 5 senses; taste, touch, smell, sight, and hearing. However, there are two other, very important, senses that don’t get enough attention. Those are the vestibular sense and proprioception. These two senses are vital in the development of a child but are often overlooked, especially in today’s world. This is mostly due to the fact that safety is of the upmost importance for anyone working with children. And while safety is important, the constant lack of “risky play” is contributing to the underdevelopment of these two senses.


The vestibular sense is most easily understood as the sense that helps us with balance and movement. This sense arises in the inner ear when we move our heads and provides the brain with feedback, so the body knows how to react depending on the direction and rate at which we move. It works along with the other senses to assess the environment. Children who have an underdeveloped vestibular system will often fidget, have poor posture, and appear more un-coordinated.


Proprioception is the brain’s ability to determine the orientation of the body, how quickly it is moving, and how close or far away it is from objects. This is the sense that allows someone to put popcorn to their mouth without looking away from the movie. It comes from the nerve endings in the muscles and joints which tell the brain how much tension and contraction is being used. Children who have an underdeveloped proprioceptive sense will exhibit this as being clumsy or pushing too hard when playing, as well as many other things.


With the increased focus on “safety first” when it comes to play, children’s vestibular sense and proprioception are lacking. Not to mention, play time in school has been significantly reduced and when children go home, they spend time watching TV or on an electronic device. All of these modern-day approaches are setting children up for failure when it comes to controlling their behaviors and moods. According to Dr. Peter Gray with “We deprive children of free, risky play, ostensibly to protect them from danger, but in the process we set them up for mental breakdowns.”


Play allows children the freedom develop these senses. They know what they need and seek that out in different ways. A child that is ready for a certain amount of risk may jump off of the playground equipment, while another child, may spin as fast as they can on the merry-go-round. We must allow them to figure it out for themselves. By being allowed some risky play at their own pace, children learn how to regulate anger and fear.

Some types of things that help the development of the vestibular sense and proprioception are jumping, spinning, stretching, and even chores! Physical activities along with a healthy dose of risky play are key in developing these senses. And even better is when children experience deep pressure on muscles through these things so endorphins and oxytocin are release, which helps increase their happiness.


A great resource to help children develop their vestibular sense and proprioception is through the Touchstone Karate program. This dynamic martial arts system is especially designed with child development in mind. Some of the skills that are taught in this program are jumping, hopping, rolling, flexibility, balance, speed, momentum, and strength…just to name a few. This is all in addition to the actual martial art that is taught that teaches things from punching and kicking pads to hand eye coordination. But even better is that the Touchstone Karate program has supplemental activities that include tumbling, jumping, kicking,  and coming soon,  ninja warrior obstacle courses. All of these things combined allow children to engage in  physical activity and development all of their senses.


Angela Hanscom, pediatric occupational therapist and the founder of TimberNook says “The number of children that now need occupational therapy services to treat their sensory systems is on the rise.” We can help alleviate this by providing children with opportunities to develop their vestibular sense and proprioception with more physical activities and risky play. Whatever it is, children need to move more so they can learn how to process the sensory input they are receiving from the world around them. This will leave them feeling more confident in managing their moods and behaviors.


At Touchstone Karate Academy we combine a very physical program with our nationally recognized leadership program, giving kids a great platform to excel in life!